Wendi with Vince Shlomi, 2009

"Wendi is a force unto herself! Her extensive background with all forms of advertising puts her in the top echelon of leaders in the DRTV field. Her wonderful sense of humor, her dynamic enthusiasm and un-bounding creativity make Wendi an incredibly special and unique partner to work with."
     Paul Greenberg
      - President and Creative Director, Greenberg Direct, Inc.

“As a Host, I have had the pleasure to work with Wendi Cooper and C Spot Run Productions on several campaigns. Each and every experience has been flawless. Wendi runs both the pre-production and production in an extremely professional manner. There are no surprises on the set. With CSRP each campaign is a well oiled machine.”
     Brad Pomerance – National Television and News Host

Moxie Awards 2012

Moxie Awards 2012

Moxie Awards 2011 Chris Steele

Moxie Awards 2012 Steve Feinberg

Vertical Chef Set 2011

Vertical Chef Set 2011

Wendi, Inventors Revue 2011

Wendi, Magic Minerals 2011

Side Sleeper Pro 2010

ERA Annual Event
Jen & Wendi

Wendi, Sully, Wendi & Adam 2009

Li'l Buddy & Skipper 2009

Vince & Wendi 2009

Stacy, Wendi & Forbes 2009

Phyllis Diller & Wendi 2007

Jamie Farr & Wendi 2007

Jill St. John & Wendi 2007

Buddy Jewell & Wendi 2008

Holly Williams & Wendi 2008

Cowboy Troy & Wendi 2008

Ray Scott & Wendi 2008

Jayne Meadows & Wendi 2007

Forbes, John O'Hurley,
Jeff Long & Wendi 2007

DRTV 101, 2002

Forbes Riley & Wendi 2007

Rick Weiss Event 2007

Reno Rolle 2006

Tonda Mullins & Wendi 2006

Inpulse Boys & Wendi 2006

Suzie Hammond & Wendi
Showcase 2006

Mike Fingo, Becky, Sam
John & Wendi

Kelly McClean, Editor

Jess & Wendi listening

Mitch, Rob & Wendi

Wendi at front door

Tim Hawthorne & Wendi
ERA 2000

Bagoo shoot

Checking out the frog

Wendi Lock and Lock

MYO Beauty set

Wendi and Cathy Rigby

“I have had the pleasure of working with Wendi Cooper of C Spot Run Productions for over 10 years. Wendi is one of the hardest working people I know. She is creative and enthusiastic and throws herself into all her projects with a passion that is rare among vendors. Wendi tells it like it is and she'll work hard to make your work the best it can be. When I need creative help or advice, I call C Spot Run!”
     Jenny Lawlor – INPEX – World’s Largest Invention Trade Show

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